An Invocation – HCCPA 030107

Here is the invocation I offered (or that I would have offered, and actually did offer but no one heard it since the meeting was cancelled. Which brings up the question: “If an invocation falls in the woods but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?) at yesterday’s Hennepin County Chiefs of Police Association meeting.

Dear God,

We thank you once again for this opportunity to gather in the spirit of Public Safety leadership. We ask that you bless the food we receive today as nourishment for our bodies, the information we receive as nourishment for our minds and the fellowship we share as nourishment for our souls.

Specifically today we ask for blessings on all of those in the public safety professions who are in transition. We ask that they have personal peace with the change, that they have the strength they need to adapt to the challenges of their new roles, and we ask that they have the patience they need to endure the inevitable time and process needed to successfully transition.

Again we thank you for this time together. Please guide us as we lead those who protect and serve our communities.