An Exercise Series: The Eight Facets of Life

This past winter, when I teamed up with the Eden Prairie Police Department, Dr. Steve Geiger and several others to put on the first SMPSTF (South Metro Public Safety Training Facility) Retirement Academy, I had my first exposure to the “Eight Facets of Life”. Doc Geiger used the idea to form his presentation on dealing with balance in retirement. Our lives are multifaceted and the “Eight Facets” is as good a tool as any to take a look at the different parts of our lives and reflect on the quality of each. Doc was first exposed to the “Eight Facets” somewhere in his extensive academic background. We were unable to locate a reference for the idea, seems that it is pretty much in the public domain now, much like the “Body, Mind, Soul” idea I reference so often. If anyone is aware of who originally packaged the idea please let me know so that I can make appropriate reference.

The “Eight Facets of Life” consist of:

– Work
– Learning
– Leisure
– Financial
– Health/Fitness
– Relationships
– Home/Location
– Emotional/Spiritual

One of the most important aspects of Spiritual Fitness is self awareness. Over the next Eight Weeks I will present one of the Eight Facets, share my story of the facet (remember, the value of telling my story is that it helps you listen to your own story), then give you a couple of questions (some used by Doc Geiger in his presentation) to help you build more self awareness.

Stand by for #1 coming in the next couple of days.