An Exercise: How Old is Your Soul?

The Strib ran a story Saturday called “How Old Is Your Body?” It talks about a current trend where people can get a physical fitness assessment that determines the “age” of their body based on its condition rather that just the number of years it has existed. Wear and tear, illness, injury, diet and exercise all have an impact. Your “body age” can be greater or less that your actual age. The goal would be to have a body that is younger and healthier than your actual years.

So I ask you this – “How old is your soul?” Those of us in the public safety professions live and work in an environment that produces considerable wear and tear on the soul. We often compensate for emotional and spiritual traumatic experiences with the strength and endurance of youth. But just as we do physically, we can use up those youthful resources and wear out our souls prematurely. Often we don’t notice it until we sustain an injury and then the road to recovery is much greater.

So, “How old is your soul?” Take a look at yourself, the spiritual trauma you’ve experienced, the injuries you have sustained, the care and treatment you’ve received. Do a self assessment on your spiritual diet and exercise program. Is your soul and the spirit that occupies it younger or older than your age?