An Exercise: Breathing

There was a story in the source-health section of today’s Mpls Strib titled “Air of awareness”. It talks about the health benefits of conscious, controlled breathing exercises. We can’t not breath, but so often we don’t pay attention to our breathing.

I was not a use of force instructor when I was a cop, but I do know the importance the instructors place on remembering to breath during physical training. I remember it now because I had occasion to forget to do it then. Without knowing it I would find my self holding my breath during training. Our police instructors always did a great job of bringing it to my attention in a positive way that obviously has stuck with me. Giving verbal commands to suspects when in an altercation had several benefits, one of which it helped you breath.

So, when you are doing spiritual training, spending tme in silence and contemplation, don’t forget to breath, to be conscious of your breaths, to slow down and be deliberate in your breathing.

Check out the article. Although the program it describes is not directed at public safety, if you look closely for ideas you can apply to your personal fitness practices you are sure to find something you can use.