An Exercise: A Spiritual “Shout-Out”

Yup, I’m hooked, hooked on the Discovery Channel’s game show “CASH CAB”.

This guy is the show’s host, Ben Bailey. The premise of the show is simple, you get in the cab, Ben asks general knowledge questions for the duration of the ride and you get cash for correct answers. The only catch is that yuo get the boot from the cab if you get three strikes, wrong answers, before reaching your destination.

My favorite part of the show is the “shout-out”. You have the option of using two “shout-outs”, a “mobile shout-out” where you can call a friend or a “street shout-out” where you ask for help on a question from someone on the street. I’m always disappointed if there isn’t a “street shout-out”. I love seeing how people are willing to jump in and help perfect strangers win money with nothing in it for them except maybe getting on TV.

So here is your exercise: How are you answering the spiritual questions in your life? Are you asking spiritual questions? Do you have all the answers? How many strikes do you have against you for making spiritual decisions that are wrong for you and your spiritual fitness? And here is the big one, Where do you go for help, where do you send your “spiritual shout-outs”? Family? Friends? Clergy? God?

Check out the show sometime, it’s a show that always makes me smile!

Bonus Exercise Question (of no spiritual value): Back when I was a patrol officer I used to watch a similar game show after middle shift, a show that few watched, but we were faithful. The Show was “Remote Control” Name the channel and host. (Not so hard with Google, but fun anyway)

Take Care