Ahhhh Griff Came Through and I’ve Got Photos!

NOTE!! This is a follow-up post to the previous post below.

No sooner did I publish my last post, when I got a call from Griff, my blogging techie coach. Just Like Duane, he new where to look for the problem, discovered it wasn’t me but another tech issue and came up with the solution. I was uploading correctly, but it had been so long since I’d “trained” that I assumed it was my fault and I wasted a lot of time today trying to fix “me” when I wasn’t even broken! That’s why we need help, we need coaches, we need trainers and most of all we need honest people to give us a fresh perspective.

So here is the carburator ready to be pulled off and degunked.

Here is the Honda in bad need of a wash but soon to be mechanically sound.

And here is Jasper, he’s retired, likes to dig holes (see the fresh dirt he’s laying in?)  and waiting for me to pet him, play with him, care for him, but NOT work him. He likes to do nothing in retirement but dig, be happy and hang out!

That’s it for this post.  Thanks Griff, you are the blog coach extrordinare, thanks Duane, you are the best free, neighbor backyard mechanic coach I know!

Take Care!