A Weekend at Vermilion Re-cap

Yes, we all made it home. The priest, the captain the chief and the retired chief all made it home safely. As they often say on these trips “what happens at Vermilion stays at Vermilion”. In this case I have to admit that nothing happened that needs to stay there. In fact, I think it is worth sharing. For me, just finishing week two of retirement/new career, it was very therapeutic. We ate, walked, ate, napped, ate, talked, ate, worked a little, ate….can you tell this was a firefighters cabin? Anyway you get the picture. The one thing we did more than anything though was we laughed. Laughter is a good medicine and we were well stocked with it this weekend. Thanks for the great time George, Tim and Mike!

By the way, have you taken any time to laugh lately? Not only is it good medicine, it is a great exercise for the spirit!