A Thank You Gift on Thanksgiving

I was considering making a Thanksgiving post today, just a general holiday greeting. As I checked my e-mails this morning I was greeted with the following letter. So instead, I say thank you for this wonderful Thanksgiving Day gift. And a very special thanks to all who protect and serve and spend their days (even holidays when the rest of us are home with our families) carrying out their duties professionally, compassionately and with kindness.

Last week, an Eden Prairie Officer came to our family’s rescue. In the early afternoon, my son-in-law, was observed by one of your Officers staggering along the road, crying. He has battled severe depression for years and we have been to countless doctors and placed him in many facilities. He had had a reaction to his medication over the weekend and couldn’t stand the depression any longer. He managed to make it on foot to the liquor store. He thought he could just drown the depression with booze. Your Officer took the time to call his wife, and they made arrangements to transport him to the hospital. I work in the Emergency Room and I was here when the Officer came in with him. This Officer could have made our day a nightmare but instead, he was my hero. He stayed just long enough to ask if he could help in any other way. I thanked him for bringing our son-in-law to the hospital and he left. I know good people join the Police department to help people and try and make a difference. Very seldom do they get the thanks they deserve. There aren’t any words to convey the thanks I have for this Officer. I don’t even know his name. Could you please find him and let him know that we appreciate what he did for us and that our son-in-law is OK. We were able to get him into another hospital today. He will miss Thanksgiving with his wife and children but at least he is safe. So, whoever this thank you belongs to, God Bless you Sir and keep safe.

Our Thanks.

(Note: The above letter was slightly edited removing names and other identifiers)