A Spiritual Fitness Perspective

I ran across this weblog this morning and thought you might enjoy it. It is by US Army Chaplain (Captain) Keith Andrews. (Click here to visit his website).

Where did it go?

⊆ February 27th, 2008 by Chaplain Andrews |It is gone–last week is over. I get back after leave and started running. Last week was good, but boy has it been busy. Today–is more of the same. Brieifngs and meeting and counseling and running in between. I had a great run this morning, I was feeling great!

Do you take time to do Spiritual Fitness? I say this often in my counseling sessions, because I believe it to be true. If you stop working out for a year, how would you do on a PT test? Not so good would you? This is no different from our Spiritual Tests that we face. We have to keep in shape so that when the trials come, we will be able to face these trials with the confidence and the familiarity that comes from reading and praying on a daily basis.

It doesn’t have to be much. When you are getting back in Physical Shape to you get out and run 5 miles or do 100 Push-Ups? No, you work up to it. The most important ingredient in Spiritual Fitness is that you develop a habit of daily meeting you commitment to Read your Bible (a verse or two?) and Praying.