A Seasonal Transition, Traditions and An Iditarod Update

With the recent weather it is clear that Minnesota mushing is over for the season. That is always a nice transition because when the weather deteriorates for the sled dogs, it is replaced with the blessing of the coming spring. The coming of spring is a signal for the Carlson family to start planning our annual pilgrimage to Florida for spring break and a visit to Grandma’s house.

Two other events occur in this season, the NCAA basketball tournament and the Iditarod sled dog race. I’m not a avid sports fan nor spectator, but I do enjoy the tradition of paying attention to these two events each year (as well as a few others). With luck I’ll still be involved in the NCAA tourney pool at work and I’ll follow the results during our pilgrimage.

For those of you with some interest in the Iditarod, here is the latest info on the race that is nearing the end (for the front runners anyway) from my personal perspective. I’m following two racers, Jeff King and Jeff Wells. Jeff Wells is the guy from Fergus Falls who I’ve raced with in the past and Jeff King is an elite racer that Jeff Wells works with and is running one of King’s teams. As I write this post, King is in 5th place getting close to the end of the race. Wells is in 52nd, has passed the halfway mark and doing an outstanding job for his first Iditarod. Click here for the official site and race details.

Traditions in life, events and occasions that we can count on year after year are very positive spiritual fitness exercises. I love adventure, but I also love the comfort of tradition. I feel an increase in my spiritual fitness and personal happiness just writing about the my up coming traditions of spring: basketball, sled dogs and a family road trip.

What are the traditions in your life that build your spiritual fitness?