A Ride on a C130!

Yesterday I got to travel to Camp Ripley in a C130 Air Force cargo plane. As I have mentioned before, I represent the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association on the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Task Force. The task force was set up to support our Minnesota National Guard Troops by establishing a reintegration system that will better prepare our communities to receive these troops home after deployment. The project is working well and I’ll soon share some of the resources our “Public Safety” sub-group has been working on.

Yesterday we “civilians” along with several of our MN National Guard Partners traveled to Camp Ripley for a meeting. It was a great experience and we got a little look into the inner workings of the National Guard and its operations.

Our Plane

A Birds Eye View of Northern Minnesota

“Kinda” First Class Seating

A very special thank you to the Minnesota National Guard and specifically the soldiers that hosted and cared for us yesterday.  It was a great experience and a lot of important work was accomplished.