A Reflection – “A House With Four Rooms”

A few days ago I posted a story “A House With Four Rooms”. When I posted it I had read it but not really reflected on it. I consciously visit all four rooms as often as I can, and am pretty good at getting to each one daily, if only to “air it out”. But what I have found upon reflection is that I don’t really get stuck in a particular room very often, but I seem to spend more and more time in the hallway trying to decide where to go next. I am aware of all four rooms, they are all very inviting, but my default location is the hallway.

You know the hallway isn’t such a bad place once you acknowledge you are there. We spend a lot of time in life trying to get somewhere else, wishing our circumstances were different, if only I was….. Well, I think I’ll put a chair in the hallway, maybe a good book, a cup of coffee too. I can see each of the rooms from there, even enjoy them looking through the open doors. I don’t want to live in the hallway, but it’s not a bad place to stop and pause once in awhile. A place to gain some perspective, a place to rest.

Some one else has said it before (as most of the things I say have been said before) Be where you are. But my little addition, Then try going someplace else