A Public Safety Ministries Inc, Update

Well, tomorrow marks my six month retirement anniversary.  When I see folks that I haven’t seen for awhile, often their first question is “How’s the ministry thing going?”  My usual response is “Great, but I’m a lot busier than I thought I’d be”.   I pretty much leave it at that, but some of you have asked for more detail so I thought I’d share some details in my next few posts.

I love organization and organizational charts.  However I’m not organized well enough yet to know how to post a chart here so you’ll get the outline version.  Today’s post is going to give an overview of the organization and the different projects I’m spending my time on.

There are three basic components to the ministry:

1 – Business Administration (Not a lot different from what I did as Chief, but the resources and support comes in a whole different package)

2 – Staff Development (Just me for now, but pursuing ordination isn’t a small task)

3 – Ministry Outreach  (The big one, the reason I put up with #1 and #2)

I incorporated Public Safety Ministries as a Minnesota non-profit corporation in May of 2005.  That was the day the ministry was officially born.  Between then and my retirement I spent most of my time being proactively reactive.  I planted a lot of seeds and just dealt with the results as they popped up.  I intended to get more organized once I retired and had more time, but the initial opportunities and the demands that go along with them came fast and furious and I’ve never been one to pass on an opportunity of challenge.  So I’ve continued to stay in that proactive reactive mode.

My goal now is to phase in to a more controlled and defined growth and development plan.  I’ve made several strides in that direction.  I’ll share those details in the next few posts, starting with Business Administration next.  Stand by……..