A Pre-Pilgrimage Post

This will be my last “live” post until April 9, 2007. I leave next week for a pilgrimage, one that has become an annual event for our family, to Florida for spring break. Camilla’s (my wife for those of you that don’t know her) family all live in either Florida or Georgia and we make an annual trip down south to visit once a year. It usually happens at spring break time but not always.

I am getting ready for what is now a familiar trip, but with my retirement from EPPD it has a whole new perspective, a fresh perspective, a “spring” perspective. I am fighting my impulse to over plan the trip and just experience it. I am fighting the urge to bring unnecessary “work” whatever that means in my post retirement, pre-ministry career phase of my life.

The “work” I intend to bring is to gain some perspective over what has actually occurred over the past 60 days since my retirement from the EPPD. We’ll see what happens and maybe I’ll have something insightful to share when I return.

In the meantime there will be a somewhat regular appearance of new posts over the next two weeks. I have had the opportunity to do some consistent reading over the past 60 days. Before I leave I will “post date” some posts and share some passages from the books I’ve been reading, passages that I have found inspirational, informative or simply just interesting from my perspective.

Enjoy the coming of spring, take some time, and I’ll see you “live” in a couple of weeks.