A Prayer From a Friend

I recently received this prayer from a friend of mine. We are in the same ordination program and we both serve in unique ministry settings. She works with the the Native American community and I with Public Safety. We share ideas with each other regarding different ways to minister in contextual settings. It is one of the side benefits of the education program I attend, the peer realtionships and wealth of knowledge available.

Anyway, she sent me this prayer and I want to pass it along. I go back to it now and then and always find something new in it that gives me inspiration. She told me “Please take this Seneca prayer with you today and every day”. And I say the same to you, enjoy!

O Great and Generous God, you have given me this day as a special gift.

I step into this day and accept everything that is in it whether it is a part of my plan or not.

Teach me to accept every gift that comes my way today.

Help me to use each gift wisely, to care for the earth and the world, and to care for and love my brothers and sisters.

Help me to walk respectfully into people’s lives today in such a way that they will be nurtured and edified.

You, God, have created me with a sense of of mystery. I embrace the mystery and surprise of this day.

You, God of mystery and surprise, I embrace all things that will happen this day.

Help me to accept and weave them into a closer walk with you on this earth with my brothers and sisters.