A Post From My iPhone

Yesterday I had a great day of techno-learning. I spent the afternoon with my techno-adviser, well one of them anyway, and discovered an app that lets me write and publish posts from my phone. I don’t want to burden those who take the time to read my stuff with a blow by blow of my learning process, but there is a message here.

I spent almost eight years to the day, from the day of my first class at Luther Seminary to the day of my ordination, immersed in the learning process. Learning is a good thing but often takes a lot of time, and takes a lot of practice.

I’ve found that this website is a great resource for gathering cops firefighters and EMS folks to discuss and share our faiths. So as challenging as this techno-stuff is for me, it’s well worth it.

Learning is good!

My Ordination Certificate hangs in my church office.