A Non-Profit Out Raising………Awareness!

Yes, at some point I’ll need to spend some time raising money for the ministry, but this morning I had a great opportunity and a great experience raising something more important, awareness.  The mission of Public Safety Ministries is To Promote Spiritual Fitness in the Public Safety Professions.  There are three basic components to promoting spiritual fitness: awareness, assessment and application.  I’ve done a little of all three within the professions but one of the things I enjoy most about this ministry is sharing the story with those outside of the professions.  I had the opportunity to do that this morning with the men of Faith Lutheran Church in Waconia MN.

I’m guessing there were about 30 of us gathered at Nancy’s Landing in a beautiful location on Lake Waconia.  We shared coffee, breakfast and several stories.  I went to high school with Pastor Dale Peterson who invited me to the event.  I had the opportunity to share my story, the story of Public Safety Ministries and most importantly, the story of the importance of spiritual fitness in the public safety professions.  Thanks for the opportunity guys and I hope I can come back and enjoy tour company again in the future.