A Ministry Update: “A Ministry of Presence, Service and Relationships.”

“A Ministry of Presence, Service and Relationships.” This simple statement has been the foundation of Public Safety Ministries’ outreach efforts since we first incorporated in 2005.  Due to the professional relationships established through 25 years as a public safety professional, I was blessed with the opportunity of “insider” access to numerous public safety organizations and functions.

My Presence identity in police, fire and emergency medical service communities has evolved from police officer to pastor, an active representative of spiritual health care in the workplace.  In that role, the Service requests and opportunities have increased and developed into an official faith based presence at more than a half dozen monthly public safety events.  I also have active Spiritual Health Care responsibilities at numerous public safety gatherings and events throughout the year.  Services provided at these events include invocations, prayers, spiritual health messages, faith based perspectives, operational support and individual pastoral care.  The number of organizational and individual faith based Relationships resulting from this presence and service has far exceeded our original expectations.  We now are extremely active in presence, providing faith based service and building faith based relationships with public safety professionals throughout the state of Minnesota.

Because of the increase in demand and opportunity for providing Spiritual Health Care Services, the Public Safety Ministries Board of Directors is in the process of creating and implementing a new strategic plan.  We are excited about our growth and the development of our focus and service identity.  We have been blessed and continue to work at answering our Call to Serve!

Take Care, Dan

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    November 16, 2011

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