A Message Received and Passed On

We all get a lot of forwarded e-mails with stories and thoughts, jokes and messages etc. Today I received a forwarded message that is making it’s way through some public safety routes. It is from a citizen who wanted to share something with those of us in the public safety professions. Someone thought of me and the ministry when they read it, and I thought of you and am also passing it on. Enjoy.

Dear Friends in Law Enforcement, Fire/Protective Services and Chaplaincy:

Some time ago, while reading David McCullough’s biography of John Adams — entitled, amazingly enough, John Adams — I came across an excerpt from Adams’ journal in which he quoted Cesare, the Marchese di Beccarria (this in 1770, obviously before he became President of the United States; the quote brought you to mind):

“If, by supporting
the rights of mankind,
and of invincible truth,
I shall contribute to save
from the agonies of death
one unfortunate victim of tyranny,
or of ignorance, equally fatal,
his blessings and years of transport
will be sufficient consolation to me
for the contempt of all mankind.”

It reminded me of the work you do, and prompted me to want to pass along this brief word of encouragement in the important work you do every day.

All best wishes,