A Message From a Fellow Retiree

I got the following message from a fellow EPPD retiree the day after my retirement party. We grew up in the same south Minneapolis neighborhood. We have a long history and I always appreciate his friendship and his perspective.

“It is not what he has, nor what he does, which directly expresses the worth
of a man, but what he is.” Henri Frederic Amiel

We were Cops…it was cool…

I’m still right, you’re still wrong….enjoy…

See ya when you get back for coffee….

Like many of the people I’ve worked with, we didn’t always agree. One of the things that he always said has stuck with me for all of these years: “We need to be able to respectively disagree”.

Thanks Vern, I’ll call you this week!



Mexico 6.jpg

I thought I’d throw in a favorite photo from my Mexico trip. This is a shot of the marina in the dark. I took it from them bench where I had my morning coffee and I watched the fishing boats head out.