A labeling war…

I write a monthly message for an agency I serve and I share two thoughts in each message. The first one I call A Simple Thought.  It’s a short message that’s written specifically for the agency, with the intention of inspiring them to engage in a simple spiritual fitness activity.  The second one is called A Thought to Ponder.  These thoughts are intended to promote spiritual health at a deeper level. One that requires more thought, hopefully some prayer, some contemplation… or to use the word I like best for describing the process… pondering.  So expect something to ponder to show up here every month or so.

A Thought to Ponder…

I’m a movie buff. I love to watch movies because I love the stories that they tell. But most of all I love movie trivia… the quotes, the characters, the actors, the scenes and clips… not that I’m very good at it, but I do enjoy playing the game! Sadly, my wife Cam of 38 years now, doesn’t particularly share my enjoyment with the trivia. Especially the way I play it…

Dan: “Hey Cam! That’s the guy from the movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!!!  Which one was he???  Come on!!!  You know this one!!!  Seriously, you know this one!!!”    And her reply:  “No I don’t, go away.”

But anyway…  Movies are also wonderful examples of life experiences, good tools for learning. In The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly there are three main characters, and throughout the movie their identities are in question, which one is which? The opening credits label them one way, the closing scene labels them another, and their behaviors throughout the show often indicate another…much like life today… no, exactly like life today.

As a profession, law enforcement is in the forefront of a labeling war.  The work we do, the work you do is constantly being pulled out of context, and then sensationalized and politicized, in order to promote and validate someone’s personal agenda. My perspective may be a bit cynical, but I can produce considerable evidence that it’s a valid argument (but I’ll not do that in detail here).

But what I will share, as a thought for you to ponder if you are interested: Police are currently being labeled in the media and by politicians, (universally, from both sides of the aisle, and from all flavors of media) as either… Heroes, Villains, or my least favorite, Victims. And here’s the real interesting part, the people that police engage on on a daily basis, are also the recipients of those same labels. And the question I ask is, “How do these labels impact the quality of your life and the lives of your families, the quality of your work, the quality of our professional services, and the quality of life in the communities you serve?”

If you’re interested in sharing some pondering I’d be happy to do so. Or… wanna talk movies? Well, I’m all in on that too!

**If you’d like a movie trivia example of more labeling, search YouTube for: clip14 “Would you say that people are mostly good?”-Blood Diamond (2006)   Watch the entire 4 minute clip and there will be some good discussion points at the end.

I wish you well with your pondering!

With Care, Pr. Dan