A Definition “Spiritual Fitness”

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to tell the story of Public Safety Ministries and the concept of Spiritual Fitness with the Eden Prairie A.M. Rotary Club. I’ve shared stories with the group a few time in the past and I always enjoy the opportunity to get together with this wonderful service oranization.

After the meeting one of my friends gave me a few suggestions on my presentation. One suggestion was that I come up with a one sentence definition of Spiritual Fitness that people could take with them. I’ve made several attempts at a simple definition, but it always ended up with more words that I’d like, so I’ve avoided writing it down. But in the spirit of Monday’s Post, and Bob’s suggestion I came up with the following definition:

Spiritual Fitness in the Public Safety Professions

The ability to perform the essential functions of a public safety professional’s duties and responsibilities that require specific spiritual capabilities and aptitudes.

or a shorter (giving up excess words for Lent) version:

The ability to perform the essential spiritual functions of a public safety occupation.

I could, and proably will, eventually give you more background to the reasoning behind choosing these words. But again, in the spirit of Mondays post, I’ll stop right here.

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  1. Chris said:

    OK. What are the essential spiritual functions of a public safety officer? How do you define that? I can’t come hear you speak so I am going to need it via this weblog!

    For me, without the equivalent foundation that you have, I look at each situation God puts me in and ask: What does God want me to accomplish on His behalf in this situation?

    I didn’t always look at it from that perspective but since I started, I have become much more effective… even got promoted…

    February 23, 2007

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