A Book Review “The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum”

I read a good book this past weekend while in Duluth with Amy at the sled dog race. The book is “the Wisdom of Yawdy Rum” by Michael Lane.

yawdy rum

My dad lives next door to the author and bought me the book. He saw a lot of similarities in the story and what has been going on in my life, a transitioning life. The story is about a man who is frustrated with his career and is exploring his options for the next phase of his life. He meets and old New Orleans jazz musician who shares some of the wisdom he has acquired throughout his life. He is looking for a balance with work and family, looking for purpose and fulfillment in career, and clearly he is looking for change.

I was very fortunate in my personal transition to leave the EPPD on a positive note. We often don’t have that choice. This book shares a lot about the process of discovery that leads a person to the conclusion that change is inevitable. Often we wait until we are pushed out (which is the case in this book) but often it looks as though we are asking for the push.

It is a very good read, especially for anyone facing a midlife career transition. It ends with a sharing of his “secret”, some simple ideas of Yawdy’s wisdom. I won’t share them now in case you want to read the book. The first time through I read it as a novel (I often study the books I read), the next time I read it I’m going to study it and pull out some of the wisdom and share it in a weblog post or two.

Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.