8752 + 9147 + 89 = 17988

New numbers and a new category – “Numbers”.

Today marks the three month anniversary of my retirement from the EPPD. I wrote a post (click here) three days into my retirement showing my life displayed in four numbers: days lived before cop, days lived as cop, days lived after cop and total days lived.  I am a visual person and a numbers person.  Looking at these numbers gave me, and continues to give me a perspective on where I am at in life.  I often feel frustrated with the progress I am making in the my career transition.  Yes, believe it or not, I am not an overly patient person.  But the perspective of these numbers helps.

So I have decided that I am going to start a ritual, a tradition, a discipline, a routine, an “exercise”, yeah that’s it, a “spiritual fitness exercise” of taking some time every three months on my anniversary date to read, rest, reflect and rite.  I’m writing this post at about 2 in the afternoon after a day of struggling to focus on the 4 R’s, trying to avoid getting caught up (ie. procrastinate) spending my time on the chores and projects that usually make up my days.  But I did make some progress, and it was quite refreshing.  Enough so that I want to make the exercise a routine.

So every three months on the 26th, look for a new “numbers” post and get some perspective on my perspective.